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In the Shadows of Moonlight

I do not know what I am...

3 September
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Please note that I left up some old application information from the last game this journal was used for in this profile, since the application for Fandom Crash is so short. Below is a near complete history of Mewtwo with notes on his apperance and personality. I also pasted the blurb about his powers from the fandom_crash application. Please note that some details may be a bit irrelevent, as I was playing Mewtwo witha specific fan-theory angle at the other game, and while I am still applying that theory here, I am applying it in a different and more subtle way.

Name: Mewtwo (technically none, but since Mewtwo is the only example of his species it is an acceptable identifier)
Series/Fandom: Pokemon (anime)
Gender: Unknown. Apocryphal, non-anime information implies that Mewtwo is physiologically a sterile female, but choice of voice actor indicates that zhe may have a male gender identity.
Age: Approximately 4-6 years of age. Physically in his late teens.
Species: Pokemon; Mewtwo (clone of Mew)
Sexuality: Undeveloped; too early to tell.
Canon History
Canon History: "Life... the great miracle... and, the great mystery. Since the beginning, Pokemon and humans alike have searched for its meaning. Many strange and wonderous legends evolved from the pursuit of life's mysteries. But none is stranger than this tale of the most powerful Pokemon of all..."
-The Narrator, Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back

In the world of Pokemon, humans have always had a relationship with Pokemon that lay somewhere between symbiotic and exploitative. In days of old, powerful Pokemon were worshipped as Gods by men, as the psychic shapeshifter Mew was in South America. But eventually the Gods faded from human consciousness except as legends, and mankind enslaved many of their Pokemon neighbors. Diverse creatures of extraordinary supernatural power, Pokemon were useful for labor and for companionship. Even early in written history, they were already being used as weapons of war, a practice that eventually evolved into the sport of Pokemon training. Humans, starting at the tender age of ten, would receive a Pokemon and wander the lands, capturing other Pokemon and fighting skilled trainers, particularly at locations known as Pokemon gyms. Their goal was to become Pokemon Masters, and their trials were many. In addition to the difficulties of battle and the harsh natural conditions they faced in travel, Pokemon trainers also had to contend with Team Rocket. Founded about half a century before Ash Ketchum first left on his Pokemon journey, Team Rocket was founded by Madame Boss for the purpose of profiting on the exploitation of Pokemon. However, when her son, Giovanni, leader of Viridian City gym, took over, he shifted his focus to the aquisition of power.

Enter Dr. and Mrs. John Smith, and their beautiful daughter, Amber. The family was happy and comfortable, as John made a decent amount of money in his career as a scientist. Amber was a well-adjusted young girl, but her life was tragically cut short in a car accident. Her father became obsessed with reviving her, and her mother left him. Somehow, Dr. Smith managed to preserve her consciousness, and worked for years on trying to find a way to restore her to life. He concluded that if he could clone her, he might be able to insert her consciousness into the clone. However, cloning experiments were dangerous and cost money... so Smiths' feelings were mixed when he was approached by Giovanni. In exchange for the equipment to revive his daughter, Giovanni asked that Smith locate a fossil of Mew from South America, create a clone, and modify the clone to be stronger than the original. Smith had ethical qualms, but he was so desperate to save Amber that he embarked on his mission. He cloned Amber and Mew, as well as three control subjects--a bulbasaur, charmander, and squirtle.

In the cloning tubes, a little being came into awareness. He could hear sounds all around him, and there was a little girl standing at the corners of his mind... Ambertwo, or Amber. She explained to him that he was Mewtwo, and that they were all clones--the two of them, Bulbasaurtwo, Charmandertwo, and Squirtletwo. Amber taught Mewtwo everything she knew, about the world and the stars. The four Pokemon and one human--the five clones--played together, learned together, loved one another. Amber taught Mewtwo to read, even. Mewtwo was touched, and pleased. He loved his friends, and wanted to learn more--to see the world, to feel the wind with his own body. But then the clones began to disappear. First the three starters... and then, before a memory of the full moon, Amber began to fade. She told Mewtwo that she had to go. She thanked him for caring about her. She told him to remember that life was wonderful... He cried, and she told him that Pokemon tears could cause a miracle. And then she died. Mewtwo wept bitterly, not quite understanding what had happened. Why did she have to go? Where did she go? "These tears," he asked himself, "What good are they?" The grief and trauma he experienced were so great that it endangered his health, and the scientists in charge of the project wiped his memory of the incident, sedating him into a tranquil sleep. However, the erasure was incomplete, leaving him with a number of imprinted ideas, and a recollection that life is wonderful.

Mewtwo awoke some time later to the voices again, and this time he knew what they were, although he did not know how. Memories of Mew, of the being from whom he had been created, flashed before his eyes as he awoke, haunted him. He broke out of his tube, and Dr. Smith explained to him that he was an experiment in cloning, and tests would soon commence on him. Inexplicably, Mewtwo flew into a rage. "These humans, they care nothing for me," he told himself. "Am I just an experiment? A laboratory speciment? This cannot be my destiny!" Screaming what would be his battlecry, he brutally murdered the scientists and destroyed their laboratory. As he watched the lab burn, a helicopter landed on the isolated Island on which it had been built, and Giovanni emerged. The charismatic criminal told him, "A wildfire destroys everything in its path. It will be the same with your powers unless you learn to control them." Offering Mewtwo help in controlling his psychic powers in exchange for Mewtwo's assistance in world conquest, the two entered into a partnership--or so Mewtwo thought. He fought off Giovanni's opponents in his pokemon gym and caught numerous Pokemon for Team Rocket, aided in his training by a metal suit of armor that focused his powers. However, he grew restless and asked Giovanni about his purpose. Giovanni told him, "You were created by humans to obey humans," telling Mewtwo that they could never be partners. Mewtwo destroyed his Pokemon Gym and fled to New Island, the Island of his birth, plotting revenge against all of humanity.

Soon a number of trainers found themselves invited to a palace at New Island, to battle the world's greatest Pokemon trainer. A freak storm kept the ferry that was supposed to take them there at the wharf, however, and to make things worse, the manager of the place insisted that the flood was of legendary proportions. The prophecied return of the Winds of Water, the horrible storm would engulf the earth as a flood did in ancient times, only this time, there would be no Pokemon whose tears could restore to life the dead, as it went in the legend. However, six trainers and two Team Rocket operatives travelled to New Island on the backs of their Pokemon. When they arrived, they were greated by a woman who bore an uncanny resemblence to the missing nurse of the Wharf's Pokemon Center. She lead them to a banquet room... and then Mewtwo entered, revealing his ruse. Dropping his control of the Nurse's mind, he challenged them all to try to stop him from destroying humanity, and the weak and unworthy Pokemon that served them. He battled them all and stole their pokemon, cloning him to create his new empire as the storm he created flooded the world.

Ash Ketchum, however, a heroic Pokemon trainer of a tender ten years old, was one of those trainers. He followed the stolen Pokemon into Mewtwo's laboratory, built from the remains of his birthplace, and rescued all the Pokemon. He then lead them into battle against the clones that Mewtwo had created, as Mew showed up to challenge her clone. Eventually, Mewtwo lead a battle without their special abilities, to prove their worth. But clones are identical to the beings from whom they are cloned, and all the clones and originals were equally matched. The knock-down drag-out fight that followed, exhausting and brutalizing the poor Pokemon, traumatized everyone who saw. Only three Pokemon refused to fight--Team Rocket's Meowth and its clone, who began to talk with one another, and Ash's pikachu, who turned the other cheek to its clone. Ash was horrified. He cried, "Someone's gotta take a stand... someone's gotta say no... and refuse to fight, like Pikachu!" He threw himself in between the psychic blasts of Mewtwo and Mew, and was turned to stone.

The battle stopped as Ash's lifeless body crumpled to the ground. Even Mewtwo was startled--horrified, no doubt reminded on some deep level of the way Amber had simply faded away, possessed in her last moments by love for the Pokemon she was so close to. Everyone began to weep for Ash's selfless sacrifice--every hatched Pokemon and every clone. Even Mewtwo may have shed a tear. But their sorrow was not wasted, as Mewtwo's tears for Amber had been. Light filled the room as the droplets floated to the arena's center and collected on the poor child--and he breathed. Restored to life by the gratitude, the sorrow, the sympathy and the compassion of countless Pokemon. Mewtwo was touched, and shocked. This mere human had sacrificed himself to save Pokemon--something Mewtwo had never seen humans do. He had conceived as the creatures as horrible monsters, and yet this one had died to save his breatheren. "I see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant," Mewtwo mused. "It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are." He rounded up his clones and, to protect their safety, erased the memories of all present. With the help of Mew, the clones flew off into the sunset.

They flew to a harsh mountain in Johto, north of New Island, known as Mt. Queyna. Immediately upon arriving, the health of everyone improved, although it was an improvement that Mewtwo failed to heed. Further, the harsh climate and high elevation, Mewtwo hoped, would protect them from human interference, although he worried that eventually Giovanni and Team Rocket would find him. A few years later, his fears were proven correct, when Rocket Agent Domino accompanied Ash Ketchum and his friends on a mission to rescue Pikachu from the mountain after the electric rodent's kidnapping by Jessie and James, the two Team Rocket Agents who had been present at New Island. Mewtwo found the Pokemon, but Team Rocket found him. They laughed a seige of the island, capturing a number of Mewtwo's clones. The cat offered himself in sacrifice, to prevent them from being put through painful experiments, and Giovanni placed him into a device that was designed to break his will through pain. However, Mewtwo's body was broken first, and he was mortally wounded.

Ash and his friends, still not remembering what had transpired before, eagerly came to the poor clone's aid. They freed him from the device, but were concerned that the cat would not survive. However, in their own dealings with Team Rocket at Mt. Queyna, and with the help of a scientist named Cullen Calix who had come to investigate Purity Canyon's healing water, they realized that the spring at the heart of Mt. Queyna's summit might be able to preserve Mewtwo's life. Ash and his pokemon carried Mewtwo to the spring, comforting him. Mewtwo could not understand why Ash was helping him--to which the trainer replied, "Do ya always need a reason to help someone?" They discussed what they were, and Mewtwo concluded, "I do not know what I am... and soon, it may not matter." When they reached the spring, Calix tried to stop Ash from throwing Mewtwo into the spring, fearing that the Pokemon would contaminate it and keep it from being safe for humans to use. Ash disregarded him and threw Mewtwo in. As he sunk to the bottom, Mewtwo felt new life spring up within him... and visions of Mew danced before his eyes, Mew at this very mountain, as he had dreamed when first he awoke from his drugged slumber. Mewtwo found the first inkling of his destiny.

Mewtwo arose from the spring renewed, bathed in white light, and moved the spring within the safety of the mountain itself. He erased the memories of Team Rocket and Cullen Calix, to keep the spring that had saved him safe from human contaimination. And then he restored the memories of Ash and his friends, and Jessie, James, and Meowth-becuase they, like the clones, had a right to know where they came from. Mewtwo scattered the clones for their own safety--being near him would only bring them trouble--and sent the humans on their way. Mewtwo went to a windy human city, donning a cape and lurking in the shadows of the moonlight he cherished so much... But before he left the mountain, he told Ash, his first real friend since Amber died, "If you hear my voice... know that it is my spirit, calling to you across time and space."
Mewtwo is, above all else, Pensive. A brilliant and inquisitive being, Mewtwo is always questioning--himself, his surroundings, his aquaintances, his destiny, the very meaning of life and spirituality. There are always more questions that Mewtwo wants to ask, and yet if things are explained satisfactorily he will often take explanations at truth. He is capable of reading minds but usually choses not to save to clarify; in fact, Mewtwo is somewhat naive and will often take the word of a charismatic human, particularly one who has something that he wants, at face value. Mewtwo is very intellectual, all too eager to study things around him. More than that, he is driven to act, to do: Mewtwo was a formidable and ambitious villain, but also a fastidious and effective rescuer. Mewtwo especially loves to muse on nature, particularly the light of the moon. He often finds himself driven to or attracted to things that he does not understand and feels that something is missing from his mind. A young child at heart, if a very mature one, Mewtwo wants to know the world and everything in it.

Mewtwo is haunted by the half-remembered loss of Amber and his objectifications at the hands of humanity. Objectification angers him deeply, and he cannot stand to see other beings treated in the way he was. He deeply values all life and deeply regrets his racism toward and murder of humans, although he attempt to conceal this guilt out of his massive pride. Mewtwo is incredibly arrogant, believing himself to be the most powerful Pokemon in all the world, and the most clever, too. He takes great joy in triumphing over others, although he does not seek out the opportunity to defeat another unless he is angry or bored. Mewtwo does not form friendships readily, mostly due to his secrecy and attempts to hide, but when he does connect with others he forms a warm, strong, and loyal bond. Mewtwo is incredibly grateful toward those who help him without the expectation of servitude, and admires all those who defy what is expected of them. He is, essentially, the heart of a broken young boy, the mind of an unparlleled genius, the anger of an abused teenager, the body of a God, and the soul of a savior, all sewn into a figuratively seamless whole.
Appearance: Mewtwo stands at two meters tall. He is an off-white bipedal creature with the slightest of purple tints to his short fur, although his inner pelvis and tail are colored a faintly bluish violet. His tail is thick and is much like that of the felines for which he is named, very flexible. It, like his crotch and rear, is blue-violet in color. Mewtwo's long legs are "backward," with his feet bending upward at the "ball" of his very long foot, bending forward and the ankle, functoining as if his ankle were a knee. His foreleg is extremely short, and his thighs are very long, creating a spring-like feline effect to his steps. His feet have two padded toes, and large knob-like structures on each ankle. Mewtwo's arms are very humanesque, except that they end in three-fingered padded paws, whose digits are nearly spherical. His hips and legs are wide and muscular, but his arms and the rest of his torso are thin. A strange armor-like growth sits over his chest, and a strange tube structure--often speculated to be a redundant spine--stretches from the back of his head to the base of his neck.

Mewtwo's face is neither feline nor human, but something in between. White like his body, it has no additional "hair" resembling that of a human. He has tall, horn-like cat ears atop his head that seem to be inflexible. His forehead is large and flat, seemingly holding a very large brain beneath it. His brows are thick and bony, very obvious at all times, and usually furrowed with anger or annoyance. In some respects, what in his face is human is more Neanderthal than Sapien. Mewtwo has a small nose, consisting of two nostrils not aided by a mucous membrane, and a small mouth with a surprisingly weak jaw, especially given his heritage as a cat. Mewtwo's teeth are rarely seen, as he speaks not with his mouth, but his mind. However, the most striking feature of Mewtwo's face is his eyes. Incredibly large, despite all the abuse he has taken and ill health he faced in his incubation, Mewtwo has rich lavender eyes with perfectly white scleras. Expressive and always deeply sad, complimented by his constantly furrowed brow, the irises of his eyes are a rich but still pale lavender color, bordered by that dark melanin ring that most irises have. His eyes have a distinctly feeling, cat's-eye shape.

Mewtwo is usually seen wearing a brown hooded cloak, if anything at all. He has no visible external genetalia, and thus does not need clothes.
Skills and Weapons
Mewtwo has disgustingly munchkin-y powers. He can fly, lift others, and manipulate objects using telekinesis; he can speak and be spoken to, erase memories, and control minds completely using telepathy; he is capable of psychokinetic blasts and possibly pyrokinesis. He also has an unnaturally strong intellect and an aptitude for dealing with scientific equipment. After his reform, he really only uses flight, telepathic speech, and psychic blasts for combat. Naturally a character like this needs to be nerfed, so when he crosses in to other worlds, he will only retain telepathic speech and the ability to communicate mind to mind with consent, limited self-flight and precise object manipulation comparable to human strength with his telekinesis, and much weaker psychic blasts. The range of his powers, apparently kilometers before, will be limited to about a hundred meters or line of sight outside of the Pokemon World.
About the Player
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This is a roleplay journal for Fandom Crash. This is in no way real, and I do this out of love for the rich world and wonderful character that Nintendo has created. Consider it free publicity.